Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday meetings and plants

My weekend here in South Carolina has taken me to Columbia a few times.  Columbia is the state Capital and is about 40 miles from where I've been staying. It is a bigger city than Sumter and has more fun things to do.  Yesterday I went with Amanda to a meeting about the Fraternal Order of Police which is an organization that she is a member of.  She is the Secretary of her local chapter, which is called Central Carolina Lodge 31.  The best part of the meeting was when we got to have donuts.

After we got home we just hung around the house. I took some pictures with some plants that they have.  Can you identify what kind they are by looking at these pictures?

This last plant was for dinner.  
I will put the types of plants in a comment below so you can see if you guessed correctly.

I'll show you my Sunday adventure tomorrow.

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