Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 3 and 4

The past two days have been work days, so I haven't had very many adventures, although I have met some cool people and seen different parts of the police department. 

This is the department logo and the badge in the center is what the officers wear on their sleeves.  This one hangs in the Chief's conference room.  There were no meetings going on on this particular day, so we snuck in and took a quick picture.  Well, the door was open, and it's not an off limits kind of place anyway, but there was a small degree of sneakery involved. 

This is the door to Amanda's office.  She is Detective Snapp.  I got to be (honorary) Detective Stanley during my time here.

 I was added to Sumter's Most Wanted Friend list, not to be confused with the Sumter's Most Wanted Felon list.

Finally the work week has ended and I hope to have an exciting weekend with my hosts.

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