Monday, January 23, 2017

Safely Arrived

Hi everybody! Stanley here.  I have arrived safely in Sumter, South Carolina, it was a long journey through the mail to get here. I left from the Holden School in Holden, Maine on Wednesday, January 18th and got here today, January 23rd.  I am staying with Chris and Amanda Snapp, who are the Aunt and Uncle of Jaxon Hanscom, who is my friend that has sent me on this journey.  I expect that I will have a great week here in South Carolina and that the weather will be much warmer here than it is at home in Maine. 

This is Amanda
Amanda and I will write a letter documenting all of my journeys at the end of the week, but we also thought that it would be fun to do a little blogging as well. That way we can share more pictures.  I hope that Jaxon's class can access the internet and follow along here a little bit.  Stay Tuned, this is going to be an epic adventure!!!

Me and Buckwheat, my host kitty.

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