Monday, January 30, 2017

Zoo Trip

We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia on Sunday.  It was so much fun!! I saw all kinds of animals and birds. The giraffes that I had pictures with were getting lettuce from visitors, I was lucky that they didn't think that I was something to eat, since I'm flat like a lettuce leaf. Amanda paid $2.00 and got a handful of greens to feed them.  One giraffe put his mouth and tongue all over her hand, and she said "Ewww!", it was slimy and yucky. Hahahaha! Also pictured are, the Tortoise, Lions, Flamingos and an Elephant.  I had never gone to a zoo before, it was awesome! I hope you like these photos of my visit.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday meetings and plants

My weekend here in South Carolina has taken me to Columbia a few times.  Columbia is the state Capital and is about 40 miles from where I've been staying. It is a bigger city than Sumter and has more fun things to do.  Yesterday I went with Amanda to a meeting about the Fraternal Order of Police which is an organization that she is a member of.  She is the Secretary of her local chapter, which is called Central Carolina Lodge 31.  The best part of the meeting was when we got to have donuts.

After we got home we just hung around the house. I took some pictures with some plants that they have.  Can you identify what kind they are by looking at these pictures?

This last plant was for dinner.  
I will put the types of plants in a comment below so you can see if you guessed correctly.

I'll show you my Sunday adventure tomorrow.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 3 and 4

The past two days have been work days, so I haven't had very many adventures, although I have met some cool people and seen different parts of the police department. 

This is the department logo and the badge in the center is what the officers wear on their sleeves.  This one hangs in the Chief's conference room.  There were no meetings going on on this particular day, so we snuck in and took a quick picture.  Well, the door was open, and it's not an off limits kind of place anyway, but there was a small degree of sneakery involved. 

This is the door to Amanda's office.  She is Detective Snapp.  I got to be (honorary) Detective Stanley during my time here.

 I was added to Sumter's Most Wanted Friend list, not to be confused with the Sumter's Most Wanted Felon list.

Finally the work week has ended and I hope to have an exciting weekend with my hosts.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 2

Hello!  Today was pretty good. I went to work with Amanda and we did some interesting stuff.  She is a Crime Scene Detective at the Sumter Police Department in Sumter.  I got to go to her office and sit at her desk. We did some investigating and looked at some fingerprints, which is one of her favorite things to do. Maybe tomorrow I can get a picture of the fingerprint analyzing machine.

After work we went to the gym on Shaw Air Force base which is actually on the way home.  We went for a walk on one of the trails.

Look at how great the weather is here! No snow and it was nearly 70 degrees out at 6:00 pm.  WHAAT?  70 degrees in January?  I thought that was impossible after living in Maine all this time.  We had a nice walk, then went inside an did a little weight lifting, well, she did anyway.  Being flat makes it kind of difficult to lift things that are heavy, so I just watched.  

After the gym we headed home so we could relax, have dinner and give me time to do this blog write up.  

I'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 1

On my first full day here in Sumter, SC I went to work with Amanda.  This was not a typical work day for her, as she normally goes to her office, but today she and some coworkers were doing some volunteer work.  They helped a nice lady who needed some repairs done on her house.  I pretty much stayed out of the way, but I was able to get out and assist at one point.

Here I am, helping Detective Ricky Morse scrape paint from the eves.

I mostly stayed in Amanda's pocket, because I didn't want to get paint on my sweater, and they didn't have a face mask in my size.  They all did a fantastic job though.  The lady was very happy that her house got new paint and boards on it.

As it turns out, this won't be much of a vacation, I'll be going to work pretty much everyday that I'm here.  I'll share more about Amanda's job as the week goes on. I hope we get to go do fun stuff this weekend.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Safely Arrived

Hi everybody! Stanley here.  I have arrived safely in Sumter, South Carolina, it was a long journey through the mail to get here. I left from the Holden School in Holden, Maine on Wednesday, January 18th and got here today, January 23rd.  I am staying with Chris and Amanda Snapp, who are the Aunt and Uncle of Jaxon Hanscom, who is my friend that has sent me on this journey.  I expect that I will have a great week here in South Carolina and that the weather will be much warmer here than it is at home in Maine. 

This is Amanda
Amanda and I will write a letter documenting all of my journeys at the end of the week, but we also thought that it would be fun to do a little blogging as well. That way we can share more pictures.  I hope that Jaxon's class can access the internet and follow along here a little bit.  Stay Tuned, this is going to be an epic adventure!!!

Me and Buckwheat, my host kitty.