Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 1

On my first full day here in Sumter, SC I went to work with Amanda.  This was not a typical work day for her, as she normally goes to her office, but today she and some coworkers were doing some volunteer work.  They helped a nice lady who needed some repairs done on her house.  I pretty much stayed out of the way, but I was able to get out and assist at one point.

Here I am, helping Detective Ricky Morse scrape paint from the eves.

I mostly stayed in Amanda's pocket, because I didn't want to get paint on my sweater, and they didn't have a face mask in my size.  They all did a fantastic job though.  The lady was very happy that her house got new paint and boards on it.

As it turns out, this won't be much of a vacation, I'll be going to work pretty much everyday that I'm here.  I'll share more about Amanda's job as the week goes on. I hope we get to go do fun stuff this weekend.

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